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We are very proud of our brand new website- so check it out!

We still sell the same good products, but did you know how Dry-Bags A/S got started?

It was through our loyal customers that we discovered a need for better protection against moisture. Our customers were looking for a better way to keep their goods dry and to prevent the costly consequences of dampness during the transportation of their items.

It sparked a global search for an effective desiccant. Surprisingly enough, the ingredient for the desiccant was discovered in our very own “back yard”, in the northern part of Jutland in Denmark.

This main ingredient in our original Dry Bags®, found in our back yard, is Danish clay.

For many years, Anders Bendt has run his business with his two daughters. To this day, the firm is still run by family but now exclusively with the global sale of Dry Bags®.



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