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Do you have a point extractor unit connected to your 3D printer?

Many people forget to connect a point extraction unit to the 3D printer, a point extraction unit with special filters takes care of the dangerous fumes and particles released during use and also during the post-processing. During the post-processing, dust particles are produced when, for example, you grind or drill into the material.

31. oktober 2024

How do you then know that you need a point extraction unit for your 3D-printer?
Start by looking in to the safety data sheet of the material used. In a 3D printer, different plastics, metals, wood, ceramics and even biological materials can be used. In the Safety Data Sheet, the important information can be found under paragraph 2, where you can find information about the hazardous properties of the substance, and under paragraph 8, you can find information about ventilation, point extraction unit and other protection. 

Be sure to examine what you breathe in at your workplaces.
Many of us spend up to 90% of our time indoors and we inhale about 60-70 kg of air a day. When a substance is heated, gases and particles are released that can be harmful to health. They can cause allergies, hearing loss and other more dangerous diseases. 3D printers are found in many different workplaces and are used differently. A 3D printer can be used as a tool to produce quick prototypes, models, designs and tests, but they are also used in larger productions. The 3D printer technology is usually called additive manufacturing and is used in many different sectors such as research, high-tech, dental, schools, healthcare, aerospace industry, automotive industry and also in advertising industry.

Install a point extraction unit as close to the source as possible to capture the hazardous gases and particles
A  point extractor unit with the right filter setup from ULT is easy to intall beside or conntect to your 3D-printer. It all depends which 3D-printer you have. The very important thing to notice is that if you don't catch the fumes and the small particles already at the source, they make their way further into the room and into the air you breath then down to the lungs and into the blood, which is then pumped around in our organs.

ULT's extractors are easy to use, they are available in many different sizes and designs
ULT has many years of wide experiences of capturing fumes and particles in many different areas. Their extraction units ar mobile or stationary depending on the size needed. The filter system is choosen after checking what materials and substances are used and how often and how much. The ULT extraction units does not disturb the room's air thermals. We always consult with ULT's specialists before proposing an extraction system for a process and work environment.

Do not hesitate to contact us very soon and we will help you to find the right solution for a better working environment and a healthier working life.

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