Controller board Development

8. juni 2029

Through the cooperation with PowerCon Embedded, PowerCon includes extensive competences within Controller board development and the development of the converter control code.


Use of Proven technology

·         Off-the-shelf components for vital functions

·         Customized solutions for unique aspects of product

·         Focus on value-creation/enhancement


Highly flexible software Platform

·         Scripting based code generation

·         Complexity confined to controlled build environment

·         Robust run-time software with low complexity


Real-time simulation environment

·         Simulation of Generator and converter embedded in control-platform

·         Realistic Simulation without full-system available

·         Eases tuning and debugging of system and control algorithms

PowerCon A/S

PowerCon A/S
Fabriksvej 6
9560 Hadsund

Jacob Kimose Jespersen
Telefon: +45 22584510

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