Turbine Upgrade & Field test equipment

1. juli 2029

In-depth knowledge about DFIG turbines enables PowerCon to offer improved performance projects.

PowerCon's expertise enables advanced upgrades to the electrical drive train.


Upgrade with LVRT performance or expand present LVRT performance

Reactive power improvements to improve capability of existing turbine

Replacement of Converter controller to enable SCADA control of existing turbines

Statcom solutions

Improvements of over voltage protection

Second source qualification or components updates

Debugging of advance electrical errors or faults -> hotline for service personal

Test equipment and tools for debugging in turbine

Upgrade of DFIG turbines in the US to supply reactive power

Low voltage ride through test equipment

PowerCon A/S

PowerCon A/S
Fabriksvej 6
9560 Hadsund

Peter Castberg Knudsen
Telefon: +45 79301220

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