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Marel Fish - M360 Labeler

M360 Labeler Standard wraparound labeling Uses linerless labeling Easy to use, fully automated Environmentally friendly labels Contact specialist Mare ...

Marel Fish - MCheck 2 Checkweigher

MCheck 2 Checkweigher Weighs and checks a wide variety of packs Approved for process and end-of-line applications Accurate continuous dynamic weighing ...

Marel Fish - RoboBatcher Box

Fully automated fish packing to minimize giveaway Minimizes giveaway in fixed-weight boxes Increases yield, efficiency and throughput Significantly re ...

Marel Fish - FleXicut Salmon

Automatic salmon pinbone removal, trimming and portioning Increased high-value product ratio X-ray bone detection Precision cutting and superb product ...

Marel Weighing - Hopper Scales

Accurate weighing of product flow Robust construction User-friendly interface Labor-saving Contact specialist Marel Hopper Scales are designed for wei ...

Marel Weighing - M1100 Bench Scales

Fast, reliable and compact scales Seven-year warranty Fast, stable, and reliable performance Easy to operate and clean Durable and robust construction ...

Marel Labeling- C3 Panel Label Applicator

Accurate label placement Fast label changeover Low maintenance Driven side belts for optimum pack retention Can be integrated with a weigh price label ...

Marel Labeling- LS40 Label Applicator

Accurate, high speed labeling Up to 150 labels per minute Efficient application of promotional labels Freestanding or conveyor mounted Simple operatio ...

Marel Meat - DeboFlex

Hanging deboning with higher capacity for increased yields Higher capacity Increased yield Improved logistics Faster processing time Contact specialis ...

Marel Meat - Primal Cutter

Ensures highest productivity and yield percentages Added value in the design of all individual working positions Easy cleaning procedures Easy to oper ...

Marel Meat - StreamLine

Flexible solution for deboning and trimming Full traceability Online monitoring and control Analysis on individual operator performance in real time S ...

Marel Meat - Pig Head Deboner

Efficient and profitable deboning High and constant throughput Flexible capacity to match the needs of all processors Manual tasks are well-defined an ...

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Fakta om Marel

P. O. Pedersens Vej 18
8200 Århus N

Århus Kommune

Telefon: +45 89 30 44 44

Fax: +45 86 78 58 10

CVR nummer: DK25013719

P nummer: 1003018663


Anne Støvring Nielsen
Afdeling: HR
Stilling: HR Recruiter
Direkte telefon: +45 8930 4244
Bo Bartels
Afdeling: HR afdeling
Direkte telefon: +45 8930 4480
Gry Førre
Henrik Ladefoged
Afdeling: Marel A/S
Stilling: Adm. Dir.
Klaus Langhoff
Direkte telefon: +45 8930 4408

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