Fpt Dinostar 400


FPT Dinostar is a vertical gantry milling machine ideal for the maching of large parts. The optimized structure, obtained by using the most advanced FEM analysis tools and the use of the latest generation transmission systems, combine the demands of high productivity with those of flexibility and precision.

Automatic head change is possible without compromise, guaranteeing maximum flexibility of use and the best performance in both roughing and finishing. According to the FPT philosophy, thermal expansion control is handled through the thermostabilizing of internal heat sources, as well as according to a thermo-symmetric model that follows temperature variations of the part in a synchronous way.

Dinostar can be customized with a wide range of options and solutions, which allow it to respond to the most specific requests for use in machining components in the energy industry, in high-precision machining and in the machining of complex parts.

Duroc Machine Tool Danmark

Duroc Machine Tool Danmark
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