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Antenova is a leading developer and supplier of high performance antennas and RF antenna modules for wireless communication and consumer electronic devices, such as mobile handsets, portable navigation devices (PNDs), portable media players (PMPs), PDAs and laptop computers. The Company recognized the need to design small internal/embedded antennas that offer advantages in terms of size, power consumption, and ease of integration as stand alone antennas or as a module integrated with radio frequency (RF) components. Antenova’s patented High Dielectric Antenna (HDA®), balanced and complementary antenna technologies enable integrated antenna solutions and RF antenna modules that are smaller, higher in efficiency, operate across multiple bands and offer more robust performance for mobile handsets, portable devices and laptop applications and peripheral devices.

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Avnet Embedded
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Telefon: +45 36786250

CVR nummer: DK26766710

P nummer: 1001603420

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Kim Andersen
Afdeling: Avnet Embedded Danmark
Stilling: Sales Manager
Direkte telefon: +45 36342803

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