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Since entering the digital signage industry in 2001, Instorescreen has become a premier provider of network solutions and technologies around the globe in countries such as China, USA, Sweden, Italy , UK, Spain etc. In addition to our IT center in China, as part of our expanded market, we have incorporated server capabilities in the US as well as in Europe. Our highly educated research and development team in Shanghai is focused on the continuing development of advanced digital media software and hardware. As such, we are poised at all times to promptly meet the changing demands of the market with state-of-the-art network digital signage system designs.

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Avnet Embedded
Lyskær 9
2730 Herlev

Herlev Kommune

Telefon: +45 36786250

CVR nummer: DK26766710

P nummer: 1001603420

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Kim Andersen
Afdeling: Avnet Embedded Danmark
Stilling: Sales Manager
Direkte telefon: +45 36342803

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