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Option® is a global leader in wireless technology, focused on the design, development and manufacture of innovative solutions that provide businesses and consumers with high-quality wireless broadband access to the Internet, anywhere, anytime.
Our products are used across the globe. The world’s leading mobile telecom operators ensure their consumer and professional customers enjoy high quality wireless Internet access with our Data cards, USB modems and wireless Routers. The world’s top manufacturers of PCs and consumer electronics incorporate our high-performance Embedded wireless modules into their laptops, Mobile Internet Devices and other consumer electronics. Our range of user-friendly connectivity Software has been specifically developed for the mobile environment.

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Avnet Embedded
Lyskær 9
2730 Herlev

Herlev Kommune

Telefon: +45 36786250

CVR nummer: DK26766710

P nummer: 1001603420

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Kim Andersen
Afdeling: Avnet Embedded Danmark
Stilling: Sales Manager
Direkte telefon: +45 36342803

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