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Many organizations across diverse vertical markets are faced with a choice over the type of computing set-up they need to optimize their operations. - Read our guidance within Industrial PC

Industrial PC – designed for longevity
Usually, companies make these decisions based on budget. But it is important to consider the long-term benefits of an industrial model before selecting a cheaper commercial set-up. Industrial PCs are built to last much longer than their commercial counterparts. It is widely accepted that Industrial PCs might provide up to 15 years of service, whereas commercial machines tend to have a much shorter shelf-life. After one or two years, you have to replace them and start again.

Not only that, Industrial PCs are designed for longevity. Their parts and components continue to be supported for many years, so their overall life-cycles are much longer. This is important because it means users can implement long-term strategies knowing their technical set-up will remain stable and reliable.

Industrial PC – for critical applications
Consider also the environment your computers need to operate in. Any application where a computer is required to run 24/7 is usually beyond the scope of commercial technology. Critical applications require industrial computing solutions, whereas commercial PCs are designed to be switched off at the end of the working day.

Reliability is a big factor for these applications, particularly if they are required to operate outdoors. Specialist, robust machines are essential to ensure you get optimized performance, strong weather-resistance and minimal down-time.

See a selection of Recabs´s range of Industrial Computers

Industrial PC – harsh environment
The harsher the environment, the more essential industrial computers become. Many are able to perform in extreme temperatures, with a typical range of -20 to +75 °C. If you compare that to commercial PCs with their range of 0-35 °C, you can see that industrial models are the only real option for year-round outdoor performance.

Certain industries also have tough regulatory and certification benchmarks. Marine and off-shore applications, for example, require equipment to meet rigorous performance standards. This creates a layer of complexity that only a bespoke industrial solution can provide.

Industrial PC – connectivity, compatibility and automation
In the modern age of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, connectivity, compatibility and automation are all vital considerations. But with most industrial solutions as nimble as commercial PCs in terms of cloud technology and interoperability, it should be possible to find something that solves all your challenges around staying connected across multiple locations and platforms.

Industrial PCs come in a wide range of forms to cover a multitude of purposes and usages:

  • Industrial motherboards, from COM modules to ATX, ensure large span of performance
  • Legacy IO, like serial ports for connecting to sensors
  • BOM freeze secures long-term product qualification
  • Interface slots for industrial grade IO boards and storage
  • Conformal coating prevents corrosion

Recab - Industrial Computers - have you seen our selection 

  • Industrial PC – Industrial rackmount systems for operation in 24/7 AI applications.
  • Box PC, High End –For demanding work like AI computers, GPGPU or graphic output many monitors and with 10G Ethernet.
  • Maritime Computers – For demanding applications in harsh environments
  • Vehicle Computers – Designed and manufactured to withstand environments shown at buses, trucks and trains
  • Panel PC & Displays – For many situations. Some 7 inch touch with a arm processor for very tough environment, others might have a Maritime certification for use at sea
  • Box PC, Low Wattage – Very useful for IIoT and Automation tasks.
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