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Cabcongroup are expanding their business to Poland

After many years of interest in the market Cabcongroup is finally ready to expand their business to Poland.

Poland is an important and dynamic market located in the heart of Central Europe. With 38 million people, it is the largest single market among the "new" European Union (EU) states and 5th among all EU member states. Poland also seems to be the preferred country for electronics productions in Europe - mainly due to low labor cost, good infrastructure, as well as the central position in Europe. 

"In Cabcongroup we see a trend in the market where more and more of our end customers are moving their production to the areas where they sell products. This means products sold to Asia are produced in Asia. And likewise, products sold to Europe are produced in Europe etc. We have already felt this new trend kicking in - and in 2022 we invoice 18% of our turnover directly to customers in Poland. 

During the last years we have seen that our sales in Poland have increased rapidly and with our strategy-punchline that sounds ‘local support, global delivery’, it is a must for is to be present in Poland! Now the papers are signed and Cabcon Poland is born!"  CEO, Brian Dehlsen 

Cabcongroups' first move in Poland will be to form the new company and set a strategy for their presence. Over time the company expect to hire local salespersons and move a part of their business with local customers in Poland to the new entity, Cabcon Poland. 

With Cabcon Poland, Cabcongroup now consist of Cabcon Denmark (HQ), Cabcon Norway, Cabcon Sweden, Cabcon Asia (Hong Kong), and Cabcon Poland. 

Find Cabcongroup locations: https://cabcongroup.com/find-us-2/

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