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Rechargeable Li-ion button cells for wearables

VARTA CoinPower lithium-ion rechargeable button cells provide a reliable high-power output, design flexibility, very safe operation in a small lightweight round form factor.

These 3.7V micro batteries are available in 7 different diameters and 3 different heights, with low impedance and a maximum capacity of 149mAh. All cell types have a cycle-life which is greater than 500 cycles with a remaining capacity of >80% of the nominal value if new. Even at elevated temperature and high discharge currents these button cells show excellent performance.

The CoinPower A4X can be charged with different 3 charging rates: standard, fast and rapid. Two data matrix codes are printed on lid and cup of each battery, in order to make every cell fully traceable. They are delivered in a state-of-charge of approximately 30% of their full capacity. This provides the best condition for long-term storage (shelf life of > 1 year) at the lowest self-discharge rate.

First deliveries of CoinPower A4X expected end Q1 2023.

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