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Supplier Announcement from Cabcongroup: Enhancing Our Global Network

At Cabcongroup, we take pride in our extensive global network of suppliers that allow us to provide the resources and technologies our customers need to meet the most demanding tasks and application requirements. We are thrilled to announce the addition of Bourns, Inc, a renowned and respected brand in the electronic components industry, to our esteemed network.

Bourns: A Valuable Addition to Our Supplier Portfolio
Bourns joins our carefully selected list of suppliers, and together, we are dedicated to delivering the best solutions for a wide range of applications. As a global leader in the design and manufacturing of custom automotive position and speed sensors, circuit protection solutions, magnetic components, microelectronic modules, potentiometers and resistive products, Bourns' collaboration signifies a significant milestone for us. With Bourns in our supplier base, Cabcongroup will be able to expand our presence in the Nordic electronic market with products that help us meet new project specifications for our existing customers, and open doors to new design wins with potential customers. 

Strengthening Bonds: Insights from Bourns' Visit to Our Headquarters
Bourns recently visited our headquarters in Denmark, providing us with valuable insights into their core values and technical capabilities. Over two days, we engaged extensively with the Bourns team, emphasizing our commitment to building robust relationships with our suppliers. These relationships are crucial in delivering value to our customers. We eagerly anticipate a fruitful and long-lasting partnership with Bourns, foreseeing numerous business opportunities ahead.

A Strategic Partnership: Insights from Bourns' Distribution Sales Manager
Beverley McKnight, Bourns' Distribution Sales Manager, shared her expectations and rationale behind this strategic partnership after their recent visit to our Danish office:

Expectations for the Partnership: "Due to your solid customer associations and demonstrated technical expertise, we expect Cabcongroup to be a great value-added partner to Bourns in the Nordic region."

Why Cabcongroup is an Interesting/Relevant Customer for Bourns: "The Cabcongroup is a well-established distributor that is known as a trusted source for advanced solutions for the Nordic electronics market. The Cabcongroup has particular strengths in sustained demand creation and has built close long-term relationships with their customers. These strengths combined with Bourns’ extensive product line offering complement Cabcongroup’s current portfolio well.

Recap of the Recent Visit to Cabcongroup's Copenhagen Office: "We had a very productive two-day visit with the Cabcongroup’s team at their office in Denmark. After conducting company presentations, we went through their current customer list, met their knowledgeable staff in all the different departments, and visited their warehouse. Bourns now has a comprehensive overview of the organization, and we are confident that we can look forward to a successful partnership."

For more information about our partnership with Bourns and our expanding product portfolio, please contact our CSO, Jacob Jørgensen: jj@cabcongroup.com.

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