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Danish Export Academy: Mutual sales mindset between sales and marketing

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22. oktober 2024 22. oktober 2024


Marketing generates leads, and sales closes the deal. Strengthen the collaboration between the sales and marketing departments with this workshop and foster greater growth.

In this workshop, you'll get the system to connect sales and marketing and achieve 3x growth. Your conversion rates will improve by +35%, and your closure rates can increase by up to 67%.

You will learn how to:

  • Build your business from the ground up: Understand the necessary sales mathematics.
  • Define and understand your ideal customers as a unit.
  • Analyze your customers' complex buying journey.
  • Design a sales process that organically integrates with your customers' buying process.
  • Build the commercial bridge: A contract between sales and marketing that guarantees success for both departments.

Target group:

This workshop is for those who want to strengthen the collaboration between sales and marketing to achieve greater sales success - together.

The workshop is for two employees from your company. We suggest you send one from the sales department and one from the marketing department so that together you have the best conditions to build the commercial bridge across your organization. Both persons participate for a total of 6,995 DKK.

Danish Export Association (Eksportforeningen)
Eksportens Hus
Lysbrohøjen 24
8600 Silkeborg
Silkeborg Kommune
CVR nummer: DK35310118
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Eksportens Hus
8600 Silkeborg

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