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Danish Export Academy: Unlocking the potential on the US market

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3. december 2024 3. december 2024


Does your sales in the US not yield the results you’d planned for? And has your distributor, agent, or partner not delivered the results you’d agreed? Yet you’re convinced the market has the potential; it’s just a matter of finding the right key to unlock that potential. 

Don’t worry, many Danish companies has experienced the same challenges before you. That’s why I’ve taken the seven most common challenges and turned it into my COURAGE Model. Your shortcut to find answers to the obstacles you’re facing in the pursuit of unlocking the potential for your product or service on the American market.

The masterclass will focus on:

  • The ideal customer and their buying journey as this is curicial to get the business model right.
  • The US market and how your product fit in a geography or in a segment.
  • How to embrace the very different business culture and make it work to our advantage.
  • How to create a setup around your business, that will help accelerate your business in the US.
  • The importance of building relationships and why that’s such a crucial part of the sales and business development process.

Target group:

If you can relate to the following, you will experience great value in participating in this MasterClass.

  • Your company is most likely selling a B2B product – which could either be a stand-alone product or a part of a larger solution.
  • You’re probably dealing with some level of ”educational sales” as your technology is new (to the US market) and requires some level of technical understanding.
  • USA is probably not necessarily entirely new to you. 
  • Maybe you’re realizing you need to have local inventory and you need to meet the customers requirements to be able to pay to a local US bank.
  • You are probably considering you need boots on the ground – your own team.
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