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Skatteministeriet ved Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen

Advertisement of purchase of an interface adapter (CCN/CSI)

Skatteministeriet ved Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen

OpgavebeskrivelseUdviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen (UFST) wishes to purchase an Interface Adapter, the copy of a source code and the software rights to an interface adapter between EU and TQS including description of installation and other relevant documentation. The EUTK program are responsible for the implementation of the TQS suite containing Tariff, Quota and Surveillance running on an Azure platform.
The TQS suite (Tariff, Quota and Surveillance) delivered by KGH digital AB is handling product number (Taric codes) in a hierarchical structure, quota requests/responses for import and transferring Surveillance statistic data to EU. A daily synchronization of data with EU ensures that data are up to date. But none of the 3 applications have an interface to the Gateway (GW) by EU. This mean that it is necessary to develop a national interface between the TQS suite and the national DK EU-GW.
A national interface component (CCN / CSI adapter) which can handle the communication between EUTK-TQS and the national EU-GW (DK EU-GW) shall be developed. This adapter shall communicate to EU’s GW via the CCN network.

An interface adapter which can operate on the queues used by the EU-GW and defined in the CCN network and the interface to the 3 TQS applications.

A daily update of product numbers and related information from EU is distributed through CCN/CSI to a national folder, from where the ITE TARIFF application can fetch it. The CCN/CSI adapter shall for ITE QUOTA and ITE SURVEILLANCE be developed to handle specific environments. There are 2 systems of queues at the CCN/CSI network: one for production and one for conformance test (Test against EU).
The TQS interface must be based NJCSI to handle the data-queues between the EU-GW and the TQS applications.

The deliveries must include source-code and verification of:
1. Integration with ITE Suite.
2. Integration with CCN/CSI network.
3. Features for individual activation/deactivation implemented and tested in EUTK-TQS environment.
a. (MVP) concerns eCommerce integration with SURV-RECAPP.
b. The Quota and IDS files functionality should also be verified, but it is not part of the MVP production delivery.
4. A successful Conformance test of the MVP delivery for eCommerce interaction with EU. The Customer perform the test according to the requirements from EU, but the Supplier shall ensure that the adapter can complete a successful Conformance test.

In addition to the above, UFST also wishes the opportunity to ongoing use the Supplier with task regarding any implementation or other task in connection hereto. Therefore, the Supplier are asked for hourly fees of the following resources: 1) Developer, 2) It architect and 3) Project Manager.

The following time schedule are applicable of this agreement:

MVP delivery for test of integration with DK EU-GW - Medio April (latest 19th of April)
MVP delivery for test of emulation features - Primo May (latest 10th of May)
Final MVP delivery after successful conformance test for eCommerce - End of May (latest 4th of June)
Final delivery of additional features to support later releases of DMS - End of June
Annonceret30. marts 2021 20:30:00 CEST
Deadline7. april 2021 12:00:00 CEST
UdbudstypeMindre danske udbud
UdbudsformBegrænset udbud
CPV kode72000000, 72600000
Skønnet kontraktsum400 000,00

Tildelings- og udvælgelseskriterier

TildelingskriterierLaveste pris
Uddybning af tildelingskriterierAward of the agreement

The Agreement will be awarded on the basis of the Contract Award Criteria the economically most advantageous offer based on Price thus the lowest overall price will be awarded as the economically most advantageous offer.

The overall price is based on two components 1) Price of the interface component (CCN / CSI adapter) including all relevant description, documentation etc. and 2) an average hourly rate of the three above listed resources multiplied with 200 hours, which are the estimated need of ongoing assistance.
The Customer will inform all tenderers of the result of the competition at the same time. If required, the Customer will forward the evaluation including arguments of the decision.
UdvælgelseskriterierExpression of interest

Potential tenderers are asked to submit their interest in this advertisement to the stated contact person by sending an e-mail indicating the interest. This must be received at the latest the 7 April 2021, 12.00 CEST.


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NavnSkatteministeriet ved Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen
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