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Procurement of Mobile Personal Computers (laptops) for the national Agency on Corruption Prevention of Ukraine (NACP)


The large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has already brought tremendous human suffering, resulting in numerous losses of lives, an increasing number of casualties, and large-scale destruction of property, including bombings of residential areas. The EUACI beneficiaries are forced to adapt their work to the circumstances ruled by the martial law and are seeking for additional support from international donors. The EUACI continues to focus on supporting the very existence of anti-corruption institutions of Ukraine, providing for the protection and well-being of their personnel and means of communication/IT equipment.

Each institution is trying to be as effective as possible within their mandate. The NACP has reached out to the EUACI to assist in procurement of IT hardware, namely laptops for the NACP employees. As stated in the official request, a part of the NACP employees have departed from Kyiv to other regions of Ukraine. For the NACP employees to continue to fulfil their tasks remotely this request is very important and urgent. Given the limited possibilities of using stationary workstations in the current safety situation, the issue of supporting the NACP’s employees with mobile personal computers (MPCs) has to be considered. For an effective implementation of the NACP’s mandate, it is recommended to support the procurement of MPCs from the EUACI emergency line budget.

Mobile personal computers (laptops) complying with minimum requirements:

Screen size: 15,6 inch

CPU (Processor): Intel Core i5 or higher

RAM (Memory): 16Gb or higher

SSD (Storage): 256 Gb or higher

Graphics (Videocard): integrated

OS (operating system): Windows 10 or similar

Availability and quality of goods, ability to deliver them urgently and reliability of the supplier are the highest priorities of the EUACI while the military conflict is continuing. Therefore, these criteria will be used by the EUACI to identify the appropriate suppliers.

The EUACI will arrange open Tender for Procurement of mobile personal computers (laptops) for the NACP.

The maximum budget available for the assignment is DKK 372,057 (equivalent to approximately EUR 50,000).

Contact the Programme Officer at the contact point below to receive the Invitation to tender. Proposals received after the deadline shall be rejected
Annonceret14. juli 2022 11:10:00 CEST
Deadline25. juli 2022 11:00:00 CEST
UdbudstypeMindre danske udbud
UdbudsformOffentligt/åbent udbud
CPV kode30213000

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Link til udbudsmaterialehttps://um.dk/en/about-us/procurement/contracts/contracts-with-an-estimated-value-up-to-dkk-1043126/contract-opportunities

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