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Critical new cyber security threats to their Operational Technology (OT) systems - New treats, how to secure your business

What is Operational Technology
Operational Technology (OT) is used to control physical systems such as those found in manufacturing and factories. It extends to cover Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and the ICS management framework, as well as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA).

Critical new cyber security threats to their Operational Technology (OT) systems
Historically, for most organizations, OT has been managed internally, making it secure and impervious to external threats. But the advent of Industry 4.0 has seen a convergence of OT infrastructure and Information Technology (IT) networks, which has connected the factory floor to the outside world.

When OT and IT collide like this, it opens up new opportunities for technical innovation, business efficiencies and optimized workflows. Machines and devices can be connected throughout the supply chain, leading to smart factories and automated logistics. Data can be captured in the cloud, shared, analyzed and used to optimize industrial systems.

But this huge paradigm shift has led to complex new challenges. What was once closed is now open to external forces, and companies must address critical new cyber security threats to their OT systems.

How safe is Operational Technology from external threats?
OT systems that were previously siloed and protected are now open to the same kinds of security threats that are regularly targeted at IT systems, including ransomware and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.
A 2020 report into OT security found that 90% of organizations had at least one OT system intrusion incident in the last year.

While there is a huge interest in cyber security within the OT community, there is also a big knowledge gap, with many organizations ill-equipped to contain the new threats.

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